November 27, 2021

Elijah Ross and GYW Entertainment: Giving Artist’s the Means to Elevate

Starting at just the age of 13, Elijah Ross has become both a renowned DJ…

Starting at just the age of 13, Elijah Ross has become both a renowned DJ as well as a co-founder of his company GYW Entertainment Inc. A media agency that is built off of the finer side of both DJing and the creative industry. GYW Entertainment handles anything from digital marketing to branding to promotional services to ensure artists have their voice heard.

By being such a huge outlet for artists to get their foot in the door in an ever-growing music industry, GYW Entertainment is a huge help for those who have the work, talent, and drive behind them but maybe not the following. Their work has done so much for so many, and they continue to help people grow each day. Their work is unmatched and, most of all, consistent.

In today’s world, creating music as an artist means you’re running your own business. We all live in the age of social media, and we all see a majority of the world through it, so why not put your name in the best place to be discovered? GYW works to put names in great places and create marketing campaigns to ensure that the artist’s work reaches everybody possible. With each passing day, the market becomes more crowded; having the help of a professional corporation can be the next huge step for some artists.

Elijah Ross sees himself shifting the culture for entrepreneurship within that entertainment space in the next five years. “We’re definitely looking forward to putting together a lot more events,” Ross says, “as well as take on more clients to help transition them with their overall goals.” With a clear vision of the next five years, Ross is on his way to growing both his own name, his company’s name, and most importantly, his client’s names. His company is working to grow to be a cornerstone of the entertainment industry.

As for his next move, Ross is hoping to obtain more song placements with songwriters and producers. Due to the current state of the pandemic, it’s been hard to maintain that in-person collaboration, but Elijah Ross exclaims that many big things are coming, and he can’t wait to share what’s next for both him and GYW Entertainment.

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Published March 7th, 2021