June 21, 2021

Live entertainment shows starting in April at Emagine Royal Oak

With the lack of new Hollywood movies due to COVID-19, Emagine Entertainment in Royal Oak is taking matters into their own hands with live events in their auditoriums.

Emagine and Litchfield Productions have teamed up to create “LIVE @ Emagine,” according to a press release. Live events will be hosted featuring local, regional and national artists starting Friday, April 9. 

A variety of live entertainment options will be available, with music acts, DJ’s and comedians each week.

“We had done a handful of live events over the years at Emagine, nothing substantive,” said Anthony LaVerde, CEO of Emagine entertainment. “With the delay in Hollywood releasing new films, we just thought it was a natural use of our facilities, our beautiful auditoriums, to host live events … especially with small to mid-sized venues still closed down and these artists having nowhere to earn their income or play, so we thought it was a natural win win for both the artists and Emagine.”