September 27, 2021

Maneskin wins Eurovision Song Contest | Entertainment News

Maneskin of Italy won the Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam.

One of their favorites before this year’s show, the group claimed coveted praise in front of a socially distant crowd at Rotterdam Ahoy Arena on Saturday night (05.22.21), and they were chosen as winners. The band welcomed them after being victorious as a sign that “rock and roll never die”.

They said: “We just want to say to the whole of Europe, the whole world-rock and roll never die!”

The group achieved a landslide result from a general vote after astonishing fans across the continent with their track “Zitti e buoni”.

The Italian group actually took third place with 208 points after the jury voted. At that time, they chased participants from France and Switzerland who broke through the leaderboard.

However, their fate changed completely with a general vote, earning 318 additional points.

In contrast, this year’s UK participant James Newman hit the bottom of the table.

The 35-year-old musician couldn’t score one point at night because viewers weren’t impressed by his dance track “Embers.”

Nonetheless, the night is considered a success by the organizers who have successfully staged one of the hottest live events taking place during the coronavirus pandemic.

After months of uncertainty, Rotterdam has about 3,500 people waiting (about 20% of the arena’s capacity), and millions of TV viewers have Maneskin win the Eurovision crown. I was able to see.

As a result, the next edition of the long-running event will be held in Italy.

Maneskin wins Eurovision Song Contest | Entertainment News

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