January 27, 2022

MetaMedia Promotes Global Entertainment Leader Frank Bryant to Chief Operating Officer

MetaMedia, an entertainment tech company, today announced the promotion of entertainment leader Frank Bryant to…

“MetaMedia has continued to grow rapidly and deliver for cinemas and studios even during the last year,” said Bryant. “I’m thrilled to help the MetaMedia team reinvigorate cinemas, drive-ins and other out-of-home entertainment venues around the world through our industry-first cloud-based content delivery platform. From blockbuster movies, to esports, concerts and distance learning, cinemas and content providers on the MetaMedia Entertainment Network™ are experiencing a sea change in their ability to connect with target audiences. We could not be more bullish on the movie-going experience and the cinema business.”

Prior to his promotion to COO, Bryant served as the chief commercial officer and head of international for MetaMedia, where he was responsible for revenue, managing global go-to-market strategies, securing international partners, negotiating strategic partnerships and setting commercial and investment strategy and priorities. Before MetaMedia, Bryant was head of Dolby Cinema, where he grew the business from a startup to a global network of over 200 cinema locations on three continents. Prior to his work with Dolby, Bryant served as senior vice president of digital distribution for 21st Century Fox, senior vice president of distribution strategy and digital media at Walt Disney Studios, executive director of worldwide marketing operations for Sony Pictures Entertainment and principal consultant in PriceWaterhouseCoopers’ media and entertainment strategy practice. Bryant earned an MBA from Harvard Business School and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of California, Berkeley.

In addition to his new role, Bryant will continue to oversee the international expansion of the MetaMedia Entertainment Network™ to cinemas in service of content providers around the world. Bryant will serve as an executive alongside his colleagues Chief Technology Officer Shaiwai Priyadarshi, a longtime software expert and SaaS architect, and President, North America Chuck Goldwater, who was CEO of Digital Cinema Initiatives, president of Cinedigm and co-founder and CEO of New Vision Theatres, who also report to Brenek.   

Last year, MetaMedia launched the MetaMedia Entertainment Network™, which provides for the secure, rapid and cost-saving digital delivery of recorded programming such as movies, live-streamed events and advertising. Over the last year, MetaMedia has expanded its platform via partnerships with several major global cinema operators, including Cinemark, Cinépolis, Landmark Cinemas of Canada, Emagine and the Independent Cinema Alliance. This year, the company has partnered with Harena Data, Inc., a data analytics, league development and player management tool for the esports industry, and Encore Drive-In Nights, a company that showcases the world’s most iconic stars and live experiences with performances for drive-in venues and outdoor venues.

About MetaMedia:

MetaMedia is an entertainment technology company that creates next-generation technologies and new revenue-generating opportunities for content producers and cinemas. MetaMedia created and launched the MetaMedia Entertainment Network™ the first global, cloud-based distribution platform. Powered by Microsoft Azure, the MetaMedia Entertainment Network provides for the secure, rapid and cost-effective delivery of movies, live-streamed events, trailers and advertising, and other big-screen programming to cinemas, drive-ins, arenas, and other out-of-home venues. MetaMedia is headquartered in Los Angeles. For more information, please visit www.metamedia.global.

Press Contact: Charles Chamberlayne 
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