January 25, 2022

Monday Night Foodball Goes to Mumbai with Tasting India

Jasmine Sheth wants you to know Mumbai isn’t all about samosas and chaat. OK, there…

Jasmine Sheth wants you to know Mumbai isn’t all about samosas and chaat. OK, there will be samosas and chaat (kind of) at the Kedzie Inn when Sheth brings her Tasting India pop up to week three of Monday Night Foodball, but if you’ve followed her biweekly thali series over the past 16 months you know her deep dives into regional Indian cuisine never traffic in the obvious.

Monday she’s revisiting the City of Dreams. “For sure I was thinking of representing the larger spectrum of dishes available in Mumbai’s different communities,” she told me. That means vegetable Hakka noodles from the city’s centuries-old Chinese community, and mutton samosas with date and tamarind chutney from its Muslim Bohri community. There’ll also be a vada pav grilled cheese, a mashup of two classic street food sandwiches; and bar snacks like a toasty mango-topped pappadum, and a crunchy, nutty snack mix that hits every pleasure point on the palate. For dessert she’s steaming up a saffron-kissed Masala chai bread pudding, and at the bar Jon Pokorny’s pouring mango-cardamom lassis and Taj Mahal lager. Sheth will also have her packaged masalas, and chai and coffee blends available for purchase.

I can’t describe these dishes any more fetchingly than her full menu descriptions below. While walk-ins are welcome, preorders are highly recommended. It starts at 5 PM this Monday. Seating is available in the bar and on the shady patio.