January 26, 2022

The 10 Best Hotels and Resorts in Cancun, Mexico in 2021

FAQ: Cancun hotels and resorts When is the best time to visit Cancun? Cancun has…

FAQ: Cancun hotels and resorts

When is the best time to visit Cancun?

Cancun has warm-to-hot weather year-round, with highs averaging in the low- to mid-80s. The rainy season stretches from May to October, and in summer, temps regularly soar into the 90s with uncomfortably high humidity. It’s also Sargassum season, so you’ll see more seaweed on the beaches. Consequently, it’s the best time to visit Cancun on a budget.

Weather-wise, the optimal time to travel is between December and April, when temps are moderate, but the flip side is that you’ll see more crowds and higher hotel prices. Whatever you do, avoid traveling from mid-March to early April when spring breakers descend on Cancun.

What is the best area to stay in Cancun?

Most hotels and resorts in Cancun are located in the Hotel Zone, a 14-mile-long strip of land with wide white-sand beaches and the Caribbean Sea to one side and the Nichupte Lagoon to the other. This is also where you’ll find most area tourist attractions, restaurants, and shopping.

Punta Cancun, at the northern end of the Hotel Zone is a popular nightlife hub packed with bars, clubs, and discos. It’s easy (and cheap) to travel up and down the strip via the local bus, so where you stay depends on the amenities you’re looking for in a hotel or resort. Generally speaking, the bluest water is found along the Hotel Zone strip that runs north to south, while the beaches that run east to west have the calmest water.

What does all-inclusive really mean?

All-inclusive can mean different things, but generally, the booking price includes your stay, unlimited food and drinks, and access to on-site amenities (gym, spa, etc.), activities, and entertainment, with no need for tipping.

However, there can be higher tiers within each property, with preferred rooms, access to a private pool and beach seating areas, and other perks like premium alcohol included that are not available to regular guests.

You may also incur extra charges to dine at particular resorts restaurants or to see a live performance. If you’re unclear about what is included, be sure to ask beforehand to avoid any nasty surprises upon checkout.   

Is it safe to stay in hotels in Cancun?

Hotels and resorts are implementing new cleaning policies to help guests rest easier. We’ve linked to the most up-to-date COVID policies for each of the properties so you can assess your risk level.

However, because the pandemic situation continues to evolve, it’s wise to read up on hotel cancellation policies and consider purchasing trip insurance to safeguard your travel investments, especially for overseas travels.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions and their ability to change, it is best to check ahead of time before booking if a particular amenity, such as a spa, restaurant, or fitness center, will be open during your visit or require advance reservations. 

What are the current COVID restrictions for visiting Mexico from the U.S.?

The land border between Mexico and the U.S. is closed for nonessential travel through at least August 21, but business and leisure travelers may arrive by plane. Travelers are not required to show proof of vaccination or recovery from COVID, nor are they required to present a negative test. However, they must complete a health declaration form and scan the QR code it generates on arrival.

Travelers must present a negative COVID-19 test within 72 hours of their flight back to the U.S., regardless of vaccination status. Only a negative antigen test is required (not a PCR test). Some Cancun properties will arrange for free COVID testing and transportation to a testing facility; otherwise, ask the front desk or concierge for the nearest testing site. There are mobile testing units at the Cancun airport, but keep in mind that it is on a first-come, first-served basis so be sure to allow for plenty of time before your flight.