September 27, 2021

The 10 Most Disgusting Things Jon Taffer Ever Found

Jon Taffer has created an empire with his successful bars and businesses, and his ability to take failing bars and transform them on Bar Rescue has shocked and delighted viewers for years. During Taffer’s time in the series, he has come across some of the most shocking and disgusting things found in bars across America.

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Whether these bars have mold growing openly or infestations of rodents, Taffer makes the commitment to help rebuild the disgusting bars no matter what he finds. However, some of the disgusting things that Taffer finds hiding behind the wall in these bars not only shock him, but they shock viewers, as well.

10 Silence Of The Ants

John Taffer speaking to a crowd of employees in Bar Rescue

Taffer has his experience with eradicating bugs in bars, but the Liquid Lounge bar in season 5 episode 26 created massive problems for the rescue team. After the staff deep clean the bar, Taffer inspects their work, but he finds cracks in the walls that are literally crawling with creepy bugs. Taffer calls in an exterminator immediately and learns that these bugs were attempting to infest the entire establishment.

This bar had one of the worst bug infestations Taffer and his team encountered, making it one of the disgusting bars Taffer saves. Not only did Taffer have to fumigate the bar in order to stop the bug infestation, but he also had to expose himself to the millions of tiny insects living in the bar.

9 Ants With Wings, Bro

Jon Taffer speaking to the employees in a kitchen in Bar Rescue

During season 4 episode 26, Taffer and his team take a tour of the Tonic Lounge only to find the kitchen completely overrun with flying insects. The bugs have made themselves comfortable on the cooking utensils, pans, and cutting boards. Not only is the kitchen taken over by flying pests, but the bar owner also claimed to not have noticed the obvious infestation.

This was a nasty bar because of the sheer amount of bugs seen flying about the kitchen as Taffer and his team investigated. Not only that, but the amount of negligence that went into the bar’s kitchen becoming so overrun is another reason why this is one of the nastiest bars Taffer has encountered.

8 Bug Bite

The bar owners from the Bug Bite episode of Bar Rescue

Taffer and his team visited the Artful Dodger in season 4 episode 1 to help the staff become successful. However, Taffer discovers during the recon that the bar is overrun with flies buzzing around the patrons and dead in the bottles. Taffer also finds rat poop covering the booths and couches customers sit on.

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Artful Dodger proved to be a top contender on the list of nastiest bars, and Taffer even commented on how appalled he was at the state of the bar. This bar was also disgusting because of the many various pests that decided to live comfortably around the bar and visiting patrons.

7 I Smell A Rat

The bar owners from the Bar Resacue episode I Smell a Rat

Taffer has discovered many disgusting things on Bar Rescue, but dead rodents are by far the nastiest things he has encountered. Taffer and his team take on Oasis Hookah Bar in season 3 episode 38 only to find that the owner has completely stopped caring about his business. The team finds that both toilets are clogged and unable to be used along with a dead rat hidden behind a booth in the bar.

Oasis Hookah Bar was one of the most disgusting bars that Taffer and his team tackled because of the amount of filth that had accumulated due to his neglect. The dead rat also proved to be one of the nastiest things, as Taffer literally had to sniff it out, showing how little the bar staff cared about their business.

6 Rock ‘N Roaches

Jon Taffer talking to a man in Bar Rescue

When Taffler arrived at Headhunters bar in season 3 episode 2, he realized that this business was in serious trouble. The bar had cockroaches running across the bar and floating in literally every bottle of alcohol. The owner of Headhunters also thought that the infestation was hilarious and quite normal, making him one of the most absurd owners in the series.

Viewers were disappointed with the owner’s lack of care and concern for his business, and Headhunters certainly went down as one of the most abominable places to be featured on the series.

5 All Twerk And No Play Makes Taffer Shut It Down

The bar from the All Twerk And No Play Makes Taffer Shut It Down episode in Bar Rescue

Speakeasy Bar & Grill from season 5 episode 18 was another bar that proved to be a difficult challenge for Taffer’s team. The bar was filthy and infested with flies, and the kitchen was an absolute nightmare. During his walkthrough, Taffer found out the cook cross-contaminated all the food. There were also grease splatters that were years old and a grease trap that hadn’t been cleaned since the bar opened.

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The kitchen in this bar was a complete health violation, making it one of the most disgusting kitchens Taffer ever encountered. Not only was the bar completely nasty, but the kitchen was in a horrible state and had the potential to get multiple patrons sick.

4 Empty Bottles Full Cans

Jon Taffer at the kitchen from the Empty Bottles Fun Cans bar

By far one of the most bizarre things that Taffer and his team found with rehabbing failing bars was in the MT Bottle bar in season 3 episode 25. Taffer takes a tour of the bar and finds a “natural spring” filled with live worms, sludge, and mud. Taffer is appalled and also gets the water tested for black mold before continuing the rescue.

The horrible spring growing under this establishment was so grotesque because of the number of creatures growing and living in the water that was just under the bar. What made this kitchen discovery one of the most disgusting in the series was the fact that this nasty spring was located extremely close to the food products the bar served.

3 Ice, Mice, Baby

Jon Taffer talking to a man and a waitress in Bar Rescue

During season 5 episode 11, Taffer and his team traveled to Fort One Bar & Lounge to help the business get back on its feet. However, the team discovered that the bar they were helping had multiple dead fruit flies floating in the bottles of liquor, along with mold growing in the ice maker.

The team also discovered two dead mice sitting in plain view in one of the bar’s storage bins. There were so many health violations hiding in plain sight that the fact that the business was able to remain open came as a surprise to many.

2 Murphy’s Mess

The employees of the bar in the Bar Rescue episode Murphy's Mess

Another nasty discovery made by Taffer was at the J.A. Murphy’s bar in season 2 episode 3. This bar was absolutely filthy and even had maggots underneath the bar mats. The kitchen in this bar was also nasty and had sludge caked in the hood and mouse poop in the refrigerator.

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This is one of the more disgusting bars Taffer had visited thanks to the massive amounts of insects and rodents living in the bar. It was also disgusting to see the amount of grease and mold caked into multiple surfaces that were supposed to be cleaned for customers.

1 Hole In None

Jon Taffer with the employees from the bar in the Hole in None episode of Bar Rescue

By far one of the most disgusting bars that Taffer and his team tackled was the Fairways Golf & Grill in season 3 episode 28. Not only was the bar infested with flies, but the food was completely raw and unclean. After Taffer and his team further investigate, they make the shocking discovery of massive mushrooms growing on the walls in the walk-in freezer.

This is one of the most disgusting things that Taffer has ever found while rehabbing a bar because of the 13 health code violations that this bar broke. This establishment was so filthy and neglected that it’s difficult to imagine any owner allowing things to progress to such an extreme level of decay.

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